Clocking up miles of experience

Bliss behind the wheel from Farsala to Elassona.

A roadtrip across the Thessaly Plain

A drive around the Thessaly Plain is a revelation; nature, culture, fine cuisine – everything contributes to a complete escape to some of Greece’s lesser known and so all the more unique destinations. And the best thing of all? This is one drive where you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere; you can take your time to enjoy everything to the full.

A lively send-off in Farsala

Your starting point? Farsala on the southern tip of Larissa, a city flanked by its two shapely guardians, the rivers Enipeas and Apidanos. Hurry to the Railway Station and get on the podilatodrezines, delightful little contraptions which move on the rails by pedal power! One more stop-off before departure at the square to taste the famous Farsala halva.

History in the break at Kileler

Your tour will take you to historic Kileler. There’s time enough to relax in the natural environment before taking in a visit to its enthralling folklore museum. How did they cook in a ceramic pot? Which of the items they created on the loom were included in the bride’s dowry? What was standard attire for women in a working morning and how did they dress on holidays? The whole history of their everyday life comes alive before your eyes.

The charms of Mt Tyrnavos

Following the road that streaks up the mountain with river Titarisios by your side, you’ll start to feel the presence of the mighty Tyrnavos. A wave of nostalgia will come too as you view the vestiges of a cottage industry around you. Famed once for the exquisite texture of its crimson-embossed textiles, cotton fabrics known as alatzas and silk cloth, today it still soothes your palate, if not your skin, with a marvellous local dishes, fragrant wines and a recipe of tsipouro that’s all its own. An enchanting stroll across the Titarisios river bridge with all the traditional dwellings in the background is quite delightful. Venture a little further to the copse of Prophetes Helias and simply push the latch to open the gate to the picturesque chapel.

Elassona with Olympus up ahead

The river Elassonitis neatly divides Elassona into two parts, the old –known as Varotsi– and the new. You can crisscross between the two in your explorations, using the three bridges that connect them, the crowning gem being the old arched stone one, of which the town is rightly proud. A visit to the Monastery of Panagia Olympiotissa should also be on the itinerary and then, finally, having several driving hours under your belt, a hike on nearby Mt Olympus will seem like a particularly attractive proposition. Or at least perhaps tomorrow…

Get into gear for the secrets of Thessaly Plain!

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