Plastira Lake

A natural delight for the ecotourist

The beauty of its waters, reflecting the imperious peaks of the Agrafa range, make the lake of Plastira a desirable spot for lovers of nature and outdoor activities.

A natural delight for the ecotourist

To truly experience the feeling of being at one with nature, you need to take to the waters for yourself as well as admiring them from the shore. By canoe kayak or pedalo, you can float across its emerald surface in a state of utter tranquility while the majesty of the natural landscape unfolds around you. Afterwards, with fishing rod in hand, you can while away hours in relaxation and reflection; patience is bound to reward you with a delicious fish or two!

Take the invitation extended by the many forest roads and paths, trailing among fir, oak and chestnut trees and passing by wonderful creations of both nature and man. Pause for a while at the renovated watermill of Anthohori and then follow the plane tree- lined footpath that leads to a waterfall.

You can do your homework on the ecosystems of the area in the Botanical garden, where a collection of hundreds of Greek flora species are on show. Feeling sufficiently cultivated on the ways of nature round these parts, you’ll be ready to take up the offer of the Flora and Fauna Centre, which organizes hiking tours to reveal this luxuriant masterpiece in its full glory.

If the mountain tops prove too irresistible a challenge, there are plenty of climbing opportunities on the Agrafa range, with comfortable refuges at Karamanoli and Elatakos, in Belokomiti forest.That “top-of-the-world” feeling can also be felt at the high-perching wildlife observatory. Its view to the lake, the Thessaly plain and the “Sleeping Beauty of Agrafa” is breathtaking.

In a gorgeous location on the pistes of the Pindos mountains lies the forest village of “Dryades”. Its tree-like dwellings merge with branch and leaf to evoke a fantasy world of wood elves and secret enchantment, all yours to savour every moment of the magic.

Plunge in and go with the refreshing flow of Lake Plastira.

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