Following the trail of tradition

In this verdant corner of Greece, the edges of legend and history are enchantingly blurred.

Following the trail of tradition

The past reaches out to the present to leave its mark on the people’s creations, reason enough to delve into the wonders of Pelion.


You can get to know all about the area’s rich cultural heritage in the Digital Museum through a series of miniature exhibits and a folklore collection in digital three dimensional form. There are also many cultural events held here. If one coincides with your stay, don’t miss it; there’s no better way to get properly into the spirit of things. Round and about the town, there are a number of attractions to put on your itinerary: Nanopoulios School, a fine example of neoclassical architecture, has been deemed a work of art by UNESCO. In the ravine of the Mylopotamos, the arched stone bridge perfectly exemplifies the craftsmanship of local artisans. The remains of a Byzantine castle in Damouhari offers a bracing breath of escapism with its Aegean blue backdrop.

Whistle up the past

They used to call it “Moutzouris”, smudgy, due to its steam engine and the smoke it left in its wake. It puffs out of Ano Lehonia and winds through a luxuriant green landscape dotted with plane trees and yews, crossing a number of impressive bridges, such as De Chirico, and passing through Ano Gazea, Agios Athanasios Pinakaton and Argyreika to reach its final destination of Milies. Here, as the crew set about the entirely manual task of turning the train around, you can grab the opportunity to wander around this beautiful village, popping into the folklore museum and the famous library on the way.

A fanfare to nostalgia

Remember those melodies of yesteryear that used to crackle over old radiograms? Even if you are too young, you will still be swept up by feelings of nostalgia in the Radio Museum of Lafkos, whose antique audio devices help to compose a fascinating and tuneful history of the genre. In the Fabio Museum, admire the exhibits narrating the stories of the residents themselves and you will come to realize how tough the women in this region have always been!

While in Pelion, you can trust the EPSA Museum in Agria to put an extra fizz into your stay. As you are guided around, you will be acquainted with the history of the company as well as the evolution of the soft drinks bottle itself. Just to top up further on your experiences, the ceramics exhibition in Anetopoulos Museum in Ano Lehonia is remarkable, while in the Olive and Olive Oil Museum in Ano Gazea you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the production of olive oil and soap.

Get traditional in the here and now in Pelion.

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