Exploring the Olympus wine routes

You too can taste the “ambrosia” and share the nectar of the gods.

Exploring the Olympus wine routes

Travelling the wine roads of the twelve gods, you’ll savour the divine in internationally accredited wineries.

Uncorking the history of Rapsani wine

Deep ruby reds with a fragrance of raspberry, plum or light vanilla – nature certainly makes its presence felt in the wines produced in the vineyards of Larissa, the heart of Thessaly viticulture. Divine nectar from the gods of Mt Olympus awaits in Rapsani, the birthplace of the PDO wine of the same name. You’ll start off in quite a refined manner, tasting wine in modern wineries, before embarking on the great Rapsani Wine Adventure; crossing by SUV the verdant eastern pistes of Olympus, stopping at charming little vineyards tended by villagers since before anyone can remember. In the courtyard of the Monastery of Agioi Theodoroi, you’ll be offered local cheeses and cured meats to accompany their distinctive wines. You’ll have plenty of questions as well: What is the history of “brusco”, a long fermented dry wine? What were the tools of viticulture two centuries ago? The answers you’ll find in the Museum of Vine and Wine back in the picturesque village of Rapsani.

Intoxicating Tyrnavos

Renowned though Mt. Tyrnavos may be for tsipouro, it also boasts a long-standing and palatable viticulture. The name “Palaia Ampelos”, meaning old vine tree, chosen for one of its vintages really gives the game away! A “French-Greek” alliance has resulted in the cultivation of a number of unique varieties.

Fine wines from Olympus to Elassona

Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot? Regardless of your choice, satisfaction is guaranteed as the foot of Mt Olympus proves to be the ideal cradle for the region’s wine production.

“It’s certainly got plenty of body!” Sample heaven-sent wines on mighty Olympus!

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