The gifts of the water and the land

Karditsa offers the visitor its natural beauty and traditional way of living.

Gastronomical treasures of Karditsa

Part and parcel of its tradition, the cuisine of Karditsa is based on the pure produce of its mountainous nature and its lake and it offers delicacies which pleasantly surprise the palate.

Bon appetit…

Raising livestock is something the people of Karditsa have been doing for generation upon generation. No wonder, then, that they are famed for their delicious grilled meat and dairy products; trahana and hylopites are both types of pasta; they also produce their own brand of feta cheese, gruyere and yoghurt- the difference in taste is obvious right from the start! As for the sausages, try them with leak, the gruyere, a bit of lemon and a glass of local wine. Delight beyond words!

With a view of the aquatic kingdom of the lake at Kalyvia Pezoulas and Agia Marina, it has to be the best moment to taste the trout, trumping all others as the top lakeside delicacy. This delicious fish makes for excellent dishes and “meze”, ideal for sharing, whether grilled over charcoal, fried in butter or baked and smoked over cedar with homemade garlic or spicy cheese dip and a few swigs of that famous Greek tipple, “tsipouro”, as an accompaniment. Your senses just won’t know what’s hit them!

On a vintage adventure…

Paths await that lead to more delicious surprises. On a tour of the region’s wineries, local wine producers will let you in on some their well-honed skills and secrets. You’ll forgive them for keeping some a little closer to their chest. With such exquisite tastes, there must be a few hidden methods and ingredients to ensure that a part of the mystery is preserved!

The village of Mesenikolas is famed for its PDO black wine. In its winery, the owners will happily share some of their know-how, not to mention tales of their joyous wine festival held in August. The wineries in Filia Sofadon and the pistes of the Thessaly Agrafa mountains are open to visitors for a unique wine tasting experience and a tour of their vineyards.

A sweet revolution

Do you want to get a taste of Greece at its visionary best? A visit to the factory of the Stevia Agricultural Cooperative of Karditsa is a must. Utilizing the produce of the land to the full and leading the field amongst its European counterparts, its pioneering practices have brought about the revolutionary “Stevia sweetener”, among other products that keep you healthy and sweet at the same time.

The sweetness that lingers longer from the land of Karditsa!

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