Eastern Pelion

An ode to nature

How many surprises can a mountain hide? How much joy can it give?

An ode to nature

Pelion is ready to unveil its eastern side to you, full of exotic promise, mesmerizingly deep blue waters and cooling villages decorated with plane trees; a canvas of blue and green with all the freshness of the mountain and the saltiness of the Aegean Sea. And it’s there just for you!

My love is like a red, red… apple

On a verdant slope lies Zagora, the historic village with its stately homes and panoramic view of the Aegean. You will chill out in its breezy squares and in its taverns enjoy traditional Mt Pelion cuisine and sweets made from the PDO apples of the area. The golden beach of Horefto is heaven-sent for whiling away summer days, open sea lapping at your toes; sand cascading through your fingertips.

Picture this…

Turn your gaze towards the forest that embraces Tsagarada or the coves and beaches illuminated by the dazzling light of the Aegean? Rest under a one-thousand-year-old plane tree, cool down in the waters of an ancient spring or stray off the well-trodden track into a tapestry of beech and fir forests.
The undoubted seashore celeb of Pelion is the photogenic Mylopotampos, with a natural rock arch hewn by timeless waves, providing a shady retreat as well as an excuse to play hide-and-seek between the two beaches it creates. Shimmering waters and untainted natural beauty complete the picture, along with nearby Fakistra beach, quieter, perhaps, but equally as enchanting.

Having your fill of nature

Mouresi can be likened to a sparkling emerald set in sea blue. A traditional hamlet, keeping a tireless vigil over the Aegean and scenting the air around you with the fragrance of gardenias, it also makes the ideal base for hiking expeditions. Following one gorgeous footpath you will reach Damouhari, the picturesque harbor with the fine-pebble beach and inviting, azure waters.

The lovely village of Kissos

Kissos is a hospitable little village tucked away amongst linden, walnut and cherry trees. A picturesque small square, a historic church and sweeping views of the Aegean mean many happy hours devoted to contemplation and revitalization. When you crave the island atmosphere, go down to Agios Giannis, the cosmopolitan resort. Crystalline waters, beach bars and a multitude of water sport options keep the excitement simmering, as do similar set-ups on the nearby sandy beaches of Plaka and Papa-Nero.

Heavenly summer equity! Make yourself at home with the gods.

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