Floating on a snowflake in Thessaly

Winter expeditions in Thessaly mean snowy landscapes and dense fir forests. They mean endless fun-packed days, delightful flavours and Christmas straight out of a fairy tale.

A fairy tale tour de force

The morning frost covers Makrynitsa and you stand dazzled by the unique blend of Pelion architecture and natural scenery. Equally charming Portaria is also known as the “Lady of Pelion”.

Your love of nature takes you to an unexpectedly alpine landscape: nestled among centenarian conifers and gorgeous, authentic firs. Following the map, the mountain trail leads to Pertouli ski centre, a heaven for experienced skiers and those not so versed in the arts of the piste. Alternatively, Thessaly also offers the Pelion ski centre on Agriolefkes summit for more fun and frolics in the snow.

Every spot in Thessaly inspires you to get active and fill your mental scrap book, and of course your Facebook page, with unforgettable travel memories. Feel the bracing chill free horse riding on the trails of Livadia in Pertouli and do not be surprised to have an extra pair of hooves pass you by as the mild-mannered roe go about their daily business, happy to share their afternoon with you. But this is just the beginning: Live the rafting experience on the Aheloos. In Kastraki, your adrenaline will go up a few notches as you abseil down the stunning granite monoliths of Meteora. Why not try archery or canoe in gorgeous Neohori while, if you find yourselves in Kalyvia, on the shores of lake Plastira, mountain bike at your disposal, the time is right to take to the saddle and pedal through your dreams!

Winter comes with a game of tastes

“The way to everybody’s heart is through their stomach”. The days are never enough for one to try all the delicacies in the taverns of Mt Pelion: Spentzofai, coq au vin, homemade hilopites, local meat grilled over charcoal – all authentic tastes, to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. The archrival to meat consumption, the delicious seafood in the famed tsipouradika raises the bar on delectable culinary encounters.

A playful Christmas

Christmas magic comes to life in the Mill of the Elves in Trikala. Every year the doors are thrown wide open on the secret lives of Santa’s seasonal cohorts. You and your little ones are cordially invited to live the fairy tale – sweet aromas and toothsome delicacies, chocolates and candy bars, endless games in the Fun Park and the ice rink. This Christmas, bring along your most playful mood and come and have fun with us.

Winter magic makes a trip to Thessaly unforgettable.

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