An ecological paradise

The beauty of the marine world gathered in one marine park.

The National Marine Park of Alonissos

In the embrace of the archipelago in the North Sporades, a great ecosystem is one gift of nature that the people of the region have come to cherish as a priceless heritage. If you would like to experience it for yourself, organize a trip to the National Marine Park of Alonissos. A unique combination of land and sea habitats, as well as important archaeological and historic monuments, awaits you.

Harbouring excited thoughts…

The boats to the Park set sail from Patitiri. Enjoy the calm atmosphere of the harbor in one of the taverns or cafes with a view to the fishing caiques and sailing boats. Wander around the white washed alleyways to shop for some souvenirs from this beautiful island.

A splash of nature

The journey begins. From the deep blue sea of the Aegean emerges Kyra Panagia, the desert island with the monastery of the same name. Continuing north-east, the cave of “Cyclopas” in Giouria starts to come into sight. On the rocks of the island, you are likely to see one of the natives, a rare type of wild goat, cavorting about in playful fashion- a little show for the visitors perhaps?

You pass by the uninhabited island of Peristera, with the wonderful sandy beaches and the ancient shipwreck; Skatzoura, whose skies are graced by the wings of Audouin’s gulls and Eleonora’s falcons, and Mandraki, whose white sand on the shoreline is in stark contrast to its rocky black backbone further inland. You will recognize Psathoura by its high lighthouse and the distance from which you will view Piperi will be a mark of respect for the Mediterranean’s own rare species of seal, monachus monachus, which has chosen this particular island as a safe haven for breeding.

In the areas where it is allowed, you will swim in pristine waters and in caves, exploring the enchanting sea bed with dolphins and turtles for playmates…

Be moved by a marvelous marine world. Make the acquaintance of monachus monachus.

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