Let yourself unravel a world of unexpected experiences, thread by thread. Knit your very own journey throughout seasons and locations. Handcraft your own story in a place handcrafted by time.

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Meet the many faces of summer along the lattice work coastline of Thessaly

Thessaly reveals its multi-dimensional summer persona: beaches which can easily compare with popular exotic destinations, unspoilt nature and adventure, impeccable organization and that essential touch of romance

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Enjoy the rich land of Thessaly in the autumn months

You’ll find the spiritual calm at the heart of Meteora, embrace tradition in the many picturesque hamlets, escape into nature, taste authentic products and participate in the grape harvest

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Geniality around the fireplace, snowball fights, traditional guest houses and high end gastronomy – the ideal medley for your winter getaways

Winter expeditions in Thessaly mean snowy landscapes and dense fir forests. They mean endless fun-packed days, delightful flavours and Christmas straight out of a fairy tale

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Every acre invites us to be at one with spring

Like the beginning of Vivaldi’s four seasons concerto, the spring time awakening of nature moves to an allegro rhythm. The palette of colours comes alive before our eyes: the innumerable shades of green, the lavender purples and the playful wild-flower confetti is strewn throughout the land of Thessaly

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Let yourself wander in the land of harmonious diversity. Use the map to get inspired by cruising throughout diverse destinations, each offering a set of unexpected experiences and telling different stories. Your journey in Thessaly starts here.

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